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Fans who live in Canada or around the world love betting on important sports matches.  A crucial game between opposing teams is all the more exciting when there is money on the line for the devoted fan.

Sportsbetting in Canada is different compared to some of the other markets around the world, particularly in regards to the types of most popular games on the betting line.  Canadians love putting their faith and their money behind the home teams in leagues that are largely based outside the Great White North’s borders.

While the types of matches may differ, the most popular ways to bet in Canada mirror markets around the world.


Moneyline is very popular for regular as well as rookie sports bettors since the process is very straightforward.  The fans who win by playing moneyline simply need to bet on which team they think will win the match – bet correctly, and win some money!

Rather than the complexity of a handicap, moneyline simply attaches betting odds to both the favourite team and the perceived underdog.  With odds on both teams, the playing field remains balanced as fans make educated predictions on who they expect to win.

Betting on the favourite may seem the safe approach, but there is less money returned on a payout if the favourite wins.  On the other hand, the underdog likely has a tougher chance to win the match, but an upset means a larger payout for the fan who takes a gamble on the unlikely.

Goals Over/Under Betting

One of the most straightforward ways for fans to bet on games is the goals/points over/under betting.  The premise is that fans predict how many total goals or points will be scored during the game as a benchmark to place a bet.

Over/under betting rewards the player if they correctly bet over or under the benchmark they predicted prior to the beginning of the game.  Using a soccer game as an example; if the total goals scored in the game is 4 and the fan bets over 2, then the bet is won.  On the other hand, if the fan bets over 5 and only 3 goals are scored, that bet is lost.

However, if the total number of goals scored is 2 and the bet is over or under 2, the bet is made null, and the money is returned to the fan – though no additional money is won on the match.  This betting option is very popular inside online sportsbooks.

1X2 Betting

1X2 betting is very similar to goals over/under betting in structure, but with one key difference.  Instead of betting on the total number of goals, fans bet on whether the home team will win or the away team will win.

If fans bet on the home team, the bet is placed as 1.  If fans bet on the away team, the bet is placed as 2.  But if the bet is down on the game ending in a draw, the bet is X. 

This process ensures there are only three possible outcomes, and the straightforward outcomes are very popular among betting fans.  1X2 betting is particularly popular in complicated league systems, such as the European soccer leagues that are intertwined overseas.