Money Line (Straight Up)

When you choose to place a wager, you must select the event, and the bet type of bet you wish to make. The event is the game or match you wish to select (ex. Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames), while the bet type is the outcome on which you are placing your wager.

There are many bet types you can choose from. You can guess the exact score of a match, predict the total points scored, handicap an outcome by playing the spread. Most sportsbooks offer an array of options for every single event.

The most common type of wager is a Money Line wager. Also known as a straight up wager, Money Line bets forecast the outcome of a single event. In other words, you pick the winner of a match up.

An Example of a Money Line Wager

Let’s look at an example of a standard Money Line betting option, using decimal betting odds.




Money Line

Arizona Cardinals


Over 50.0


Atlanta Falcons


Under 50.0



When placing a wager on the Money Line option, you are effectively predicting which team will win the game. If, in this scenario, you wager that Arizona will win, you would select their Money Line option at the odds of 2.75. To wager on an Atlanta victory, you would select their Money Line at 1.47 odds.


Whereas many bet types use a handicap to provide comparable odds for both teams (like a spread the favoured team has to cover for the wager to pay out), Money Line options diverge, based upon the perceived likelihood of a result.


In the above example, the Falcons are favourites, and thus yield a considerably lower return than the underdog Cardinals. Successfully making use of the Money Line option therefore requires some risk-reward analysis.


Yes, a heavy favourite that pays 1.11 is likely to win, but do you want to risk your wager for such an insubstantial gain? Large underdogs, on the other hand, can be very profitable, but represent a high-risk option. Of course it's nice to see a 10.55 wager pay off, but there is a reason the payout is so significant.