Florida police arrest Tiger Woods for DUI after finding him asleep at wheel

A mugshot of Tiger WoodsTiger Woods is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. He ruled out returning to professional golf for the rest of this year after undergoing back surgery in April and seemed optimistic about eventually playing again in a post on his website, but his actions behind the wheel early Monday morning tell a different story.

According to an arrest report released Tuesday, Woods was asleep in the driver’s seat of his car with the brake lights and turn signal on when Jupiter Police Department officers found him parked on the side of the road near his Florida home. Once awake, Woods appeared impaired and at one point told police he thought he was in Los Angeles before failing a number of sobriety tests. He blew a 0.00 on a breathalyzer test, but the source of his intoxication was a combination of medications related to his back surgery.

Woods’ car was in rough shape, with damage to the rims of both driver’s side tires as well as the front bumper and passenger’s side tail light. He apologized in a statement following his arrest, taking full responsibility for his actions, but the damage to what remains of his reputation had already been done.

For many, the scandalous news surrounding Woods and a car in a Florida suburb echoed his infidelity scandal in 2009, when he was charged with careless driving for crashing his car after an argument with his then-wife Elin Nordegren. That incident marked the beginning of Woods’ decline, in terms of both public image and golf career. He lost numerous sponsorship deals and didn’t win another PGA Tour event until 2012.

Woods’ last PGA victory occurred in August 2013. Chronic back problems have prevented him from being competitive ever since, and he will be 42 years old next year, which is the earliest possible date for his next comeback attempt. But that comeback likely won’t happen unless Woods can get his personal life in order, and that could mean handing the car keys to someone else.