Graham DeLaet Swings Into Round 2 Of British Open

The focus of the British Open is on Jordan Spieth and whether the young American will overtake Rory McIlroy as the number one golfer on the world rankings.  The battle between Spieth and McIlroy is appealing to fans around the world, but Canadians also have their own players to bet on.

The top bet out of the home nation is Graham DeLaet, the golfing pride of Saskatchewan.  The 33 year old DeLaet is competing in the third British Open of his career this weekend, hoping to become the first Canadian born golfer to win a major tournament since Mike Weir won the Masters in 2003.

DeLaet got off to a promising start on Day 1.  Recognized for having one of the strongest drives on the PGA Tour, DeLaet’s powerful swing served him well as he hit 15 fairways and 15 greens with little trouble at all.  With such critical skills on his side, DeLaet was an early bet to lead the pack at the end of the first day.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, the short game let him down.  Putting is one of the critical weaknesses of DeLaet’s game, and opportunities to make birdies or pars faded away as a result of many bad readings on the green.  Two bogeys to end the day put DeLaet at 1 under par 71, which was not enough to contend with the leaders at -6 or -7 at the end of the round.

Day 2 began with DeLaet playing more consistently, with fewer opportunities to make birdies as well as limited mistakes that forced bogeys.  By the end of the 11th hole, the Canadian improved his standing ever so slightly to 2 under par before heavy rain forced the PGA to suspend play for the day.

Day 3 will likely be a long day for all players on the tour, which could help or hinder DeLaet.  One thing is for sure – the Canadian needs to tighten up his game to finish out the second round if he hopes to qualify for the next two runs of the course.

Here’s hoping “four” a good swing out of DeLaet.