Mike Weir Coaches Corey Connors Ahead Of The Masters

Ahead of the 2014 Masters, former champion Mike Weir acted as an unofficial mentor to Canada’s next great golf ambassador, Graham DeLaet.  But DeLaet missed the cut for the 2015 Masters and Weir took on a new protégé – 23 year old Corey Connors.

Weir and Connors are the best bets for a Canadian golfer to win another title in Augusta.  Weir holds the distinction as the first Canadian to win one of the four major golf tournaments on the PGA Tour, but he would like to see the legacy pass onto a new champion.

Before the tee off at Augusta in 2014, Weir took DeLaet on a practice round throughout the course.  Sources close to the two golfers say Weir showed DeLaet a few tough patches that could throw a wrench in his gameplay.

That same instruction was passed onto Connors ahead of this year’s tournament.  Weir took Connors around the course, and listened in as the younger man discuss with his caddy about how to make an approach in tight corners.

“I listened to him talk with his caddy about where the pins were going to be, his strategy.  There wasn’t much for me to add.  He had it dialed in pretty good.”

After the first round, Connors finished 8 over par, and will need to have a much stronger day tomorrow to make the cut through the weekend.  Weir finished with a +10 but may not return for the second round.  He was dealing with pain in his elbow prior to opening day, and decided to try his odds at the Masters after DeLaet failed to make the cut.

Are there realistic odds for a Canadian to go the distance at Augusta?  The tournament unfolds throughout the weekend so we’ll find out soon enough.