Failed drug test for Alvarez puts rematch with GGG in question

The rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin on May 5 is arguably more hotly anticipated than their initial meeting, which resulted in a controversial draw. But the rematch could be in jeopardy after Alvarez tested positive for the banned substance clenbuterol during random testing in February.


Alvarez and his team are blaming the failed test on tainted meat, which is a common occurrence in Mexico. Many Mexican athletes have tested positive for clenbuterol in recent years due to the country’s use of clenbuterol in livestock, while use of the substance is limited to animals like racehorses in the United States. The appearance of trace amounts in Alvarez’s samples appears to be consistent with past cases of meat contamination, although he will likely be subjected to further testing.


Alvarez expressed embarrassment over the failed test, saying in a statement that he will submit to all the tests required to clarify the situation. Golovkin’s camp withheld from commenting directly on the matter, instead reiterating Golovkin’s commitment to fighting clean. Neither Alvarez nor Golovkin had failed a drug test prior to February, and Alvarez’s extensive clean history suggests contamination from eating tainted beef is the most likely culprit.


Alvarez is immediately moving his training camp from his hometown of Guadalajara to San Diego, where he has trained for fights in the past, in order to remove the possibility of further contamination. While the test appears unlikely to affect Alvarez’s rematch with Golovkin, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is investigating the matter before making a final decision.


The first meeting between Alvarez and Golovkin lived up to the hype, with a back-and-forth display of technical mastery and powerful combinations. Golovkin appeared to win many of the early rounds, but Alvarez began to assert himself as the fight wore on. While many believed Golovkin did enough to win the fight, it was scored a draw due to the controversial scorecard of Adalaide Byrd awarding Alvarez a decisive victory. Golovkin is a slight betting favourite for the rematch, which both fighters have claimed they will not leave up to the judges. Hopefully Alvarez can avoid eating anymore Mexican beef before then.