Floyd Mayweather Stripped Of WBO Welterweight Title

The thing about legacies is they can be shattered in the blink of an eye.  After winning one of the world’s most anticipated superfights – that failed to deliver on expectations – Floyd Mayweather Jr. has lost the WBO welterweight title he claimed from Manny Pacquiao.

According to official statements from the World Boxing Organization, Mayweather was stripped of the WBO title after failing to follow bureaucratic procedure.  The WBO refuses to recognize a champion if that fighter chooses to hold titles in other weight divisions from separate organizations.

In addition to the WBO, Mayweather holds the WBC and the WBA Super Welterweight titles.  By refusing to vacate the WBA Super championship, Mayweather violated the WBO’s rules.  He also failed to pay a $200,000 sanctioning fee owed by all participants in the WBO division.

The WBO imposed a July 3rd deadline for Mayweather to comply or decisive action would be taken.  With the title now stripped, two welterweight fighters will contend for the vacant championship for the right to wear the belt. 

The top bet to contend for the championship is Timothy Bradley Jr., who won an interim fight for the title after Mayweather announced his intention to voluntarily retire the championship on May 4th.  He will remain the interim champion until a formal fight is announced by the WBO to succeed Mayweather.

As for the undefeated American, Mayweather will retain the money he made from the superfight with Pacquiao, alleged to be over $200 million.  He also maintains his 48-0 record and holds the distinction of defeating his archrival in the ring.

However, that performance hardly lived up to the marketed “fight of the century” between the two fighters.  Mayweather took much of the heat for the disappointing bout due to his overly defensive style that limited his engagements with Pacquiao, who undoubtedly played the role of the more aggressive boxer.

Mayweather may still have his record and will retain a legacy as an undefeated superstar.  But his propensity to cause unnecessary trouble will tarnish his reputation for generations to come.