Georges St Pierre Weighs The Odds Of A UFC Comeback

When Anderson Silva returned to the UFC and defeated Nick Diaz, Canadian UFC fans were hopeful that Montreal’s MMA hero Georges St. Pierre might be next.  The former welterweight champion vacated his title and left the UFC in December 2013, but never officially retired from the elite MMA league.

UFC President Dana White always left the door open for Silva and St. Pierre to return to the league, and quickly gave Silva a fight to remember in his comeback performance.  As a result, many Canadians wonder what it will take for St. Pierre to make his own UFC comeback.

One of the prospects reportedly most interesting to the Montrealer himself was a shot to fight Silva.  St. Pierre is regarded as one of, if not the top rated welterweight MMA champion in the world, while Silva is lauded as the greatest MMA fighter of all time at the middleweight division.

Only one weight class separates the two former champions, and a chance to bet on which of the two men would emerge victorious in a head to head clash is seemingly appealing to St. Pierre.  But should Canadians bet on their superstar returning to the octagon?

In St. Pierre’s own words, not at this time.  After winning his comeback fight against Diaz, Silva failed the UFC’s drug test for competitive steroids, which is a sticking point for St. Pierre.  The Canadian has waged a war against the UFC over drug testing protocols, and refuses to return to the league until a new system is put in place by White and UFC management.

However, the prospect of going toe to toe with Silva is intriguing for St. Pierre, and the former welterweight superstar admits that he still feels the pull to return.

“I watch the fights sometimes, and I feel the itch.  And the more and more I watch the fights the more I feel the itch.”

For now, St. Pierre says he will maintain his distance from the UFC, even choosing not to accept White’s offer to fight when the league returns to Montreal later this year.  But the former champion does offer an olive branch to his loyal fanbase in Canada and abroad; never say never.

“I’m not interested right now.  The way that things go, I’m not interested right now.  I’m busy with other stuff too.”