Graham DeLaet Offers Advice To Tiger Woods

delaetonwoodsGraham DeLaet is making his mark on becoming one of Canada’s finest professional golfers in what many Canadian fans consider as a rightful succession to Mike Weir, who by all accounts appears past his prime. The 32 year old emerged as one of the top golfers in 2013, and earned a starting spot at the Masters next week – the first major golf championship of 2014.

While DeLaet is focusing on training for the big event at the Augusta National Golf Club, the Canadian is also offering his own thoughts on Tiger Woods. The world’s number one golfer confirmed he will not play at the Masters next week due to an ongoing lower back injury, the first time in his professional career that Woods will miss the championship.

DeLaet was himself admitted for lower back surgery in 2011 to repair a herniated disc, the same injury currently plaguing Woods. DeLaet expected to be out of the game for three months, and later six months after he struggled to swing on his return to the course. But the recovery took nearly a full year before the Canadian was comfortable enough to rejoin the PGA Tour.

Woods and his team are assuring fans that the number one golfer will need a few months to recover from surgery, but expect he will be back before the end of the season. However, DeLaet is not so sure he will see Woods back on the course this year.

“I thought I would be out for three months and in the end it took almost a year. It sounds optimistic to me to think he will be back in three months. What he must do, and what I am sure he will do is listen to what his body is telling him.”

DeLaet says he still feels his own injury from time to time, and that bad backs are part of the game of golf. But he wishes Tiger well in his surgery, and hopes to see the world’s number one golfer back on the links as soon as he is healthy enough to play.

DeLaet is expected to tee off at the Masters as the 30th ranked player in the World Golf Rankings. But a strong performance in Augusta could elevate the Canadian up the rankings to become one of the world’s highly commendable players.