Mike Weir Mentors Graham DeLaet At Masters

masterslogoThe Masters tournament teed off in Augusta Georgia today to the delight of golf betting fans around the world. The Masters is the first of four major tournaments that are played by only an exclusive group of golfers who are invited to play in the event.

Canada will be represented by two of the country’s most famous golfers – onetime Masters champion Mike Weir, and rising golf star Graham DeLaet. Though the two men play very different styles of golf, their shared Canadian heritage naturally makes them turn to each other for support at the Masters.

DeLaet in particular is benefitting from having an experienced Canadian partner on hand for help. As the experienced player at the Augusta Golf Club, Weir took DeLaet out onto the links yesterday for a practice round. DeLaet, ranked as the 30th best golfer in the world, is the best shot for a Canadian to win the Masters this year, and Weir is gladly taking on the role of experienced mentor.

The Masters is the one major tournament consistently played on the same course every year. As a result, experienced golfers like Weir know where the traps lie on the course, and can provide newcomers like DeLaet with tips on what to look out for, and most importantly what to avoid.

The most surprising part of the practice round was when Weir unexpectedly shot a hole in one on the 16th hole. What was not unexpected was how the crowds that assembled around the Canadian pair were ecstatic at seeing a hole in one, who cheered and congratulated Weir on the fantastic shot – even if it was just for practice.

DeLaet was reportedly all smiles throughout the day, especially when Weir made the hole in one. The younger Canadian is looking to Weir for guidance, and the onetime champion even encouraged DeLaet to ask as many questions about the course as he needs – to which DeLaet was especially grateful.

“I told him I knew that he is out here working and practising and trying to get hang of things as well, but he says ‘Look, I’ve been here enough. I know my way around.’”