San Jose Sports Group Joins Mourners In Loss Of Robin Williams

People around the world are still grasping with the news that renowned actor and comedian Robin Williams is no longer among us.  Williams, who made no secret of his struggle with depression, appears to have lost the battle after reports out of California suggested the comedian committed suicide.

Obviously Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider was devastated, releasing a statement saying she, the family, and many close friends were all “utterly heartbroken” about their loss.  But many other groups held a special relationship with Williams, including the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) based in San Diego.

The CAF helps disabled athletes get out and enjoy the fun of sports.  Many members of the foundation are veterans who were wounded while fighting in wars overseas, but continue their love for their favourite sports games.

According to Virginia Finley, Executive Director of the CAF, Williams was one of the foundation’s biggest supporters who bet on the organization’s ability to help improve lives.  Finley says Williams was also an 11 year member of “Team Braveheart” that competed in the San Diego Triathlon Challenge – with Williams serving as the team’s cyclist.

“He was a guy that liked sports and liked getting out there and participating in them.  Robin is genuinely a very giving, warm person.”

The CAF is also planning an event in the nearby community of Sausalito this weekend, and according to Finley, Williams was expected to be one of their honoured participants.  The CAF hasn’t said if Williams’ death will affect their plans in Sausalito, but the organization joins Susan and all other mourners in expressing their grief at the loss of one of the world’s most talented performers.