UFC President Still Betting That Georges St. Pierre Will Return

UFC President Dana White is proudly awaiting UFC 183 when his former middleweight champion Anderson Silva returns to the octagon to battle Nick Diaz.  But White is also optimistic that former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will be back in the UFC before too long.

Silva and St. Pierre were considered the stars of a new generation of fighters, who were by far the most popular attractions on pay per view broadcasts.  Both men held their respective titles for years, with Silva achieving a record by defending his title more than any other fighter in UFC history.

St. Pierre, the most prolific Canadian UFC fighter, defended his own title 9 times and won his last fight in a controversial ruling from the judges.  But after beating Johny Hendricks – who eventually did become the welterweight champion, St. Pierre vacated his title and left the UFC for what he called “personal reasons.”

The former champion left in December 2013, and the one year anniversary of his departure is fast approaching.  Back then, the questions surrounding his decision to leave essentially broke down to ‘why.’ But now, with the one year anniversary just over a month away, the questions have become ‘will he return?’

In the eleven months since stepping aside from the UFC, St. Pierre dealt with personal issues and waged a war of words with the UFC over drug testing.  Before long he was back in training, but announced in March that he tore his left ACL, and would be required to stay out of the gym to heal the injury. 

He was finally cleared to begin training again earlier this month, and St. Pierre’s trainer tweeted out photos of the former champion back at the gym in Montreal.  After beginning a new workout routine, GSP met White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta when the two executives flew to Montreal, though White says a comeback was not discussed.

While St. Pierre has refused to confirm or deny his intentions, White is betting that the UFC will see the former welterweight superstar back in the league soon enough.

“I think he’ll come back, but he’s taking his time.  We haven’t talked about a fight.  We have nothing even planned, or not even thinking about a fight with Georges St-Pierre, but just waiting for him to get back into shape.”

Silva surprised and delighted UFC fans by announcing his intention to return to the league.  And MMA followers would love to see the sport’s other prized fighter make a comeback of his own.