In And Out For Eugenie Bouchard At Wimbledon

Once again Eugenie Bouchard arrived to play in the first round of an important tennis tournament.  And once again she failed to survive that round.

This is a recurring pattern for Genie this season.  Only one year ago, Canada’s number one female tennis star was on the way to qualifying for the finals at Wimbledon, becoming the first Canadian to reach the championship round of a Grand Slam tennis tournament.  Now that success seems like a distant memory.

With the loss to Duan Ying-Ying, who is ranked 117th in the world, Genie’s recent record slipped to 2 wins in 13 matches, falling into one of the worst slumps of her professional tennis career.  After losing in the first round of the French Open, Genie fell outside of the top 10 on the WTA world rankings.  The loss at Wimbledon will surely make her slip out of the top 20.

So why the dramatic fall from grace for a player who helped put Canada on the map in the tennis world?  Her male counterpart Milos Raonic has continued to thrive on the ATP Tour, and advanced through his first match at Wimbledon with little trouble at all.  Why are things becoming so difficult for Genie?

The most logical answer may be that she is simply unprepared for the amount of pressure that comes with being ranked as one of the best in the world.  Prior to the 2014 season, Genie was still an emerging athlete, and her breakout success last year vaulted her to number 6 on the WTA table when she was at her peak.

Now in her follow up season, recapturing some of that success may simply be too much for the young tennis pro from Montreal.  Having missed the boat at Wimbledon, Genie and her camp must bet their hopes on a turnaround by the time of the US Open, the last of the four tennis majors in 2015.