Will Conor McGregor get back into the boxing ring?

McGregor in the ring after his fight with MayweatherThe dust has now settled on two of the most high-profile fights in recent memory. Floyd Mayweather jr. is once again retired after providing a rude welcome to the sport of boxing for Conor McGregor, while Gennady Golovkin has been left scratching his head in response to a dubious draw opposite Saul Alvarez.

Many have called for the latter fighters to rematch, wishing for them to right the perceived invalidity of the decision, but McGregor, the third active fighter of the group, may inject himself into the equation.

There is no guarantee that the bombastic Irishman will return to the boxing ring, nor the fight-game at all. With a swelling bank account and a recently born son, McGregor may take a little time before he puts on some gloves, and those gloves might be of the mixed martial arts variety.

McGregor still holds the featherweight and lightweight UFC titles, both of which he has yet to defend. His first priority may be firming up his credentials inside the Octagon, but as Joe Rogan mused during a recent podcast, McGregor may not be done in the boxing ring. The question is, who would his next opponent be?

Rogan posits that McGregor should seek a rematch with Mayweather. It’s a bout that might not replicate the intrigue or financial windfall of the original, but it would surely be a profitable venture for both sides. And, compared to the other top options out there, the safest bout for McGregor.

“Floyd was just a brilliant boxer,” said Rogan. “Canelo is a murderous puncher and he’ll f**k you up.”

Golovkin, Rogan states, is a similarly troubling matchup. “Neither Canelo nor Golovkin is a good fight for him. They’re terrible fights for him. Those guys are different.”

Rogan’s position supposes that most high-level boxers own superior skill in relation to McGregor, but that Canelo and GGG are more dangerous from a damage standpoint, though not necessarily an effectiveness one, than Mayweather. Thus, the supposed outcome of a McGregor fight with either man would end more violently than his first foray into boxing.

It’s a reasonable sentiment. McGregor, for all his ability, is still green as a boxer. And while he had his moments against Mayweather, he never had the all-time great in any real peril. Against Canelo or GGG, McGregor would be a lot more vulnerable. A loss to either man might not only be physically devastating, but also cut into the perception that McGregor has business left in the sport of boxing. It’s certain more speculation will follow regarding the next move for each combatant.