Bet 365 Review


Deposit Bonus

100% up to $200 – 300% play-through required before bonus withdrawal

Betting Line Selection

Exceptional; quite possibly the most extensive on the web



In-Play Betting

Exceptional; quite possibly the most extensive on the web

Non-Sports Options

Casino, Live Casino, Bingo, Poker, Slots


Easy to navigate, clear options, user-friendly

Mobile Quality

App and mobile version; above average

Deposit Methods

Credit, Debit, iDebit, Paysafecard, Entropay, Wire Transfer

Membership Perks

Occasional free bets and loyalty deposits; mediocre

Customer Service

Email, Phone, FAQ, Live Chat

Canadian Content

AHL, CFL (many others as a result of general inclusion)

Bet 365 Deposit Bonus

Bet 365 offers new users a 100 percent bonus for deposits up to $200. Any initial deposit exceeding that amount receives the maximum $200 bonus.

For clarity, look at the table below, which demonstrates how the bonus works.

Your Deposit

Your Bonus

Your Account Total













Unless you start out by depositing more than $200 with bet 365, you’ll receive a nice little double-up to get you started. Even if you do exceed the limit, that $200 extra is not a bonus to scoff at. You can take advantage by visiting the site via the banner below:



The 100 percent bonus is for first-time deposits only. Bet 365 sometimes offers existing users comparable bonuses, however, the 100 percent deposit bonus is applicable only to your first deposit.

Obviously, this condition is in place to encourage you to make your deposit more substantial, as the reward grows along with your first deposit. 

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit eligible for the 100 percent bonus is $20. Any amount under $20 will not receive a bonus.

Play-through Clause

The other notable condition of the bonus is the play-through component, which requires that you settle a total value of bets equal to 3x your bonus. While you receive and are able to play with your bonus money immediately, you cannot actually withdraw it from your account until this criterion is met.

So say that you deposited $200 and received an equal bonus. Before cashing out your bonus, you will have to make $600 worth of bets. If the value of your bonus is $20, you will have to bet $60 before cashing out the bonus.

This condition is in place to ensure that users do not simply make a deposit, receive their bonus, then cash out all the money right away. It is a standard condition of sportsbook bonuses, the only variation being the play-through percent required before the bonus becomes eligible for withdrawal.

Betting Lines and Odds

Bet 365 features a comprehensive array of betting lines from almost every major sporting event. If their selection is ever matched it is difficult to imagine that it is ever exceeded. Take their hockey lines for example.

In addition to offering the standard NHL lines you can find on almost any sportsbook, you can also bet on games from:

  • KHL
  • Czech Extraliga
  • Russia MHL
  • Russia VHL
  • Switzerland NLA
  • Switzerland NLB
  • Slovakia Extraliga
  • Norway Eliteserien
  • Swedish Hockey League
  • Austria EHL
  • Finland SM Liga
  • Germany Eishockey Liga
  • Germnay Eishockey Liga 2
  • France Ligue Magnus
  • Sweden HockeyAllsvenskan
  • Danish Metal Ligaen
  • Poland Ekstaliga
  • Alps Hockey League
  • Champions Hockey League
  • Latvia Premjerliga
  • AHL

That Bet 365 doesn’t actually specialize in hockey illustrates just how extensive their betting line selection is. So if you’re partial to the obscure, or simply value options, Bet 365 might be a good place to start.

In addition to offering an impressive complement of standard lines, Bet 365 is also good for props. You’ll find numerous handicaps, alternative lines, 'first team to score' and 'will there be overtime?' type bets, to name but a few.

If you enjoy getting into the details and prefer wagering on not-absolute occurrences, Bet 365 is your kind of sportsbook. If you figure you’ll stick to the major leagues and place standard types of bets, then it stacks up but does not exceed the value of most major competitors.


Bet 365 provides users with competitive odds. They are not markedly better or worse than major competitors. Sometimes you’ll find bargains, but for the most part, Bet 365 is comparable to alterative options.

You’ll find this assessment is standard among our reviews, as most of the time, sportsbooks offer similar initial odds, and idiosyncratic fluctuations are not usually substantial enough to make across the board odds stand out as better or worse than the majority of alternatives.

In-Play Betting

Just as betting lines is a strength of Bet 365, so too is their in-play betting system. They offer a characteristically sprawling variety for almost every game featured on the site. Whether a basketball game is played in the NBA at 7 p.m. ET, or 5 a.m. in the Baltic League, you’ll be able to place an in-play bet.

For the most part, Bet 365 reacts quick enough to the action so that you’re rarely left waiting, frustrated by a lagging system that won’t accept your bet because the score has changed. This will happen from time to time, but it is a reality of betting on a developing scenario rather than a major fault of the sportsbook. Overall, Bet 365 is pretty solid with in-play bets, offering a great variety and doing an adequate job keeping up with the action.

Non-Sports Betting Options

In addition to operating as a sportsbook, Bet 365 offers bettors the following options:

  • Casino (average)
  • Live casino (good)
  • Poker (average for sportsbook)
  • Bingo (good)
  • Slots (average)

That’s more or less the full gamut of options, minus Keno, which a few sportsbooks include.

The Bet 365 casino is solid in terms of options and betting minimums; pretty much in line with what most sites offer. Their live casino is good, with a number of games always on the go and a quality stream to the on-site action.

The poker section is about what you would expect for a gaming site that doesn’t specialize in poker. It’s usable, but doesn’t match up well with an app like Poker Stars.

Conveniently, Bet 365 uses a one wallet system. This means you can use the funds you deposit and play with for the sportsbook to bet in the casino or power room.

Aesthetics and Functionality

Bet 365 is easy to navigate, using a standard site bar to nest most betting options, and opposing ticket modifier and a large space for chosen lines in the center of the screen. It is better than most competitors when it comes to clarity, both in terms of helping you find what you’re looking for, and allowing you to customize and edit your bet ticket.

The clean, user-friendly design makes for a seamless experience, making it especially valuable for players unfamiliar with using a sportsbook. It’s recommended as a starting point if you are a novice online sports bettor, but it takes away nothing for experienced gamblers.

Bet 365 also has a strong streaming game. They are constantly streaming live events from all over the world, offering over 100 000 events annually. While oftentimes the selection leaves something to be desired, they also provide a game tracker for most betting lines, which is a big help for making informed in-play bets.

Like most sportsbooks, Bet 365 doesn’t boast blazing load times. It’s a drawback of having so much dynamic content hosted on the domain. According to Google’s speed test, Bet 365 scores a 78 out of 100 on desktop devices. While that’s not fabulous, it’s a respectable score when compared to other sportsbooks.

Mobile Quality

Bet 365 offers a mobile site version and a separate app. Both require the same credentials to log in, and all platforms are connected through your account.

Like most sportsbooks, the mobile version of the site can cause trouble for smartphones. Sportsbooks tend to be slow, which is challenging for data plans and slow connectivity. That’s why it’s good they offer an app.

The app streamlines things, making it easier for you to place bets quickly. This is nice from a convenience standpoint, but is especially helpful if you want to make in-play bets using your phone.

If you’re on a mobile device now, and want to download the app, click here:

Deposit Methods

Most sportsbooks want to make it as easy as possible for you to put your money into an account on their site. Thus, they offer numerous ways for you to make a deposit.

Bet 365 is no exception. They allow you to make a deposit in many different ways. The options include:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • iDebit
  • Instadebit
  • Paysafecard
  • Entropay
  • Wire Transfer

While the list is long and may look impressive, mostly any sportsbook you’ll find will allow you to make a deposit using any mainstream method.

Loyalty Benefits and Existing Client Promotions

Bet 365 doesn’t have a loyalty benefits program. If you anticipate betting in volume, it might be worth looking elsewhere, since some sportsbooks offer you bonuses based upon the total amount you bet over time.

Bet 365 does have some player benefits, though, including various promotional bet opportunities. One common example is a “free bet” that protects you from losing. It usually has a requirement that makes it possible for you to lose, but still, vastly improves your odds.

As an example, they might allow you to place a bet of up to $20 on a specific game, then pay out if you win or refund the money if you lose. But in order to get this deal, you also have to make an in-play bet on the same game. You can therefore hedge your bets, or double-down on the same proposition, hoping that you win twice.

Bet 365 occasionally offers free money to longtime users in small sums—$5 or $10 usually. If you haven’t played their site for a while, they might also reach out and tempt you back with a small deposit of the same amount.

All in all, this aspect of the sportsbook is mediocre. They offer something, but it feels like they could do more.

Customer Service

Bet 365 customer service representatives are informed and attentive. They usually help to resolve your problems quickly and enjoy a positive reputation among most users.

They offer email, phone and live, on-site chat as different methods of communication.

The sportsbook adheres to a policy known as “Know Your Customer,” though, which is just a pain for everyone. Ostensibly, the policy is in place to make sure all users are of legal age. Strange though, that they allow anyone to make a deposit, but only require photo identification before you make a withdrawal. 

Anyway, it's a bit of a nuisance. The actual people who help you with day-to-day problems are an asset, though.

Canadian Sports Coverage

Bet 365 doesn’t offer anything uniquely Canadian. Their politic lines are U.S. and U.K.-centric, with some European and Australian stuff included.

The good news is, Bet 365 casts such a wide net with their betting lines, some Canadian content can’t help but be swept up. For example, CFL lines are available throughout the summer and fall. Some hockey leagues, like the AHL, also hold an appeal among many Canadians.