Betway Review


Deposit Bonus

Free bet up to $30 (plus other limited-time promos)

Betting Line Selection

Good; has all major events; good spread lines


Average; spread odds are mediocre, otherwise fine

In-Play Betting

Good selection and above average load times

Non-Sports Options

Poker, casino, live casino, slots, bingo, Esports


Solid design; all lines easy to locate

Mobile Quality

Average speed; app and mobile version available

Deposit Methods

eCheck, Citadel Direct, credit, debit, ecoPayz, EntroPay, I-Debit, Paysafe

Membership Perks

Regular promotional bets; free bets club

Customer Service

Phone, Email, Live chat; adequate

Canadian Content


Deposit Bonus

Betway offers a variety of deposit bonuses for new users. Unfortunately, the user has no choice in the matter, as the specific bonus you are eligible for is determined by your geographically location. For Canadians, the eligible bonus is called “Sports Offer #1,” and is shared with our pals from the United Kingdom and Ireland. Click below to obtain the bonus:


Sports Offer #1 comes in the form of a free bet. The way Betway explains the terms is a little confusing, so we’re going to lay them out here:

Before obtaining your free bet you must either play-through the amount of your initial deposit, up to $30. So whichever is lower, your deposit, or $30. In order to count toward the play-through amount, your wager must have odds of 1.75 or higher.

The free bet will equate to the amount of your deposit, or $30. Again, whichever is lower.

Upon reaching the play-through requirement, you are attributed the free bet. So if your requirement is $30, you have to bet $30 on wagers with odds of 1.75 or higher. Then you get your free bet.

The free bet is available for only seven days after your deposit, so don’t deposit and wait. Get playing quickly or the free bet will no longer be available.

Sometimes Betway offers other, opt-in promotions, which run for a couple of months at a time. Since they vary, and are not always available, we won’t list any here, but an example is a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to $100. In this case, the bonus doubles the value of your initial deposit, up to $100.

As with the standard sign-up bonus, each temporary offer comes with its own set of terms and conditions. The variance mitigates the purpose of laying a specific example out here, but they all come with play-through requirements. For example, in order to obtain your $100 bonus for a temporary promotion, you may be required to wager $500 first. Always check it out if you are opting in to a special promotion so you know the likelihood of fulfilling your requirements.

Betting Lines and Odds

There is a definitive British influence to Betway, which is why cricket and snooker are listed higher than hockey or basketball. It’s not really much of an issue, though, since the important thing is for the site to have these options, rather than the order they're listed in. Having to drop your gaze a couple of centimeters on your screen isn’t such a big deal.

Basically, in terms of events, what you get from Betway is what you get from most sportsbooks. It has everything you will probably ever want to bet on, but if you’re a fan of the most obscure events, you may want to look elsewhere.

A cool feature of Betway is the transparency and ease with which you can adjust the handicap on spread lines. Betway isn’t the only sportsbook that allows you to adjust the spread, but they make it easier than anyone else. It’s pretty fun feature.


The standard spread line offered by Betway is 1.90, which is at the less generous end of the spectrum. It typically ranges from 1.90 to 1.92, so you lose a couple of cents on the dollar when compared to the best odds out there. For many people this difference is negligible, but if you bet heavy on spreads, you might consider another option.

In general, Betway’s odds are average. When you look at game lines you’ll find some bargains as well as some stingy options. They shouldn’t deter you from using the site (unless you bet big on spreads) but they aren’t exactly can’t miss.

In-Play Betting

One of the betting features provided by Betway is in-play betting. This used to be a rarer feature than it is today, with most sportsbooks offering in-play betting in some form. But while the feature is now commonplace the quality ranges from place to place, and this is one area that Betway is superior to the majority of competitors.

One strength is simple, but effective; in-play betting is heavily featured on the site, prominently placed so that it is easy to find and easy to place wagers on. A second strength is load times, which matter quite a lot when odds are constantly changing and new lines are constantly opening. While Betway isn’t lightning quick, it’s speed makes the experience manageable, so that you can mostly get your wagers in when you’re decisive.

If you are a fan of live betting, Betway is a solid option to consider. It’s not lightyears ahead of everyone else, but it offers a strong product when it comes to in-play options, odds and usability.

Non-Sports Betting Options

Betway has a full stable of betting opportunities, of which sports is just one part. In addition to their sportsbook the company offers a variety of casino experiences and gaming options. The full Betway roster of alternative games includes:

  • Casino
  • Live casino
  • Vegas (slots)
  • Esports
  • Poker
  • Bingo

That’s the full gamut for online gaming providers. Esports is rarely featured as its own section, but a lot of other companies have is nested within their sportsbooks. Regardless, Betway is a solid place for anyone looking for a multi-venue experience. If you anticipate trying out a casino or delving into a poker room, Betway is a good option.

Aesthetics and Functionality

The layout of Betway functions pretty well. Most sportsbooks share major design traits, so the differences are often subtle, but once you begin using multiple platforms you begin to develop preferences, even with slight variations. For example, the ordering of different leagues, how the site is navigated and how particular lines nest within their parent categories can make a site either frustrating or easy to use.

Betway mostly exhibits positive traits. Its concept is open, with basic betting lines presented in the center of the screen, flanked by pertinent options and wager processing data. Above, you can clearly see numerous specialized lines related to the game you’ve selected. While most sportsbooks offer similar lines, they are not always easy to find. And while showing so many betting options simultaneously could potentially be overwhelming, it comes off strong for Betway.

The aesthetics are adequate. The site uses stark colour contrast to quickly train your eyes to become familiar with the page. After a few uses you will know where to look to find everything you need.

Functionally, the site offers better load times than most competitors, scoring a 68 out of 100 when subjected to a Google page speed test. You’ll note the score is not perfect, but that’s a product of containing so much changeable script (betting lines and odds). A 70+ score for a sportsbook is almost unheard of. Compared to other sportsbooks, 68 is a strong score.

Mobile Quality

You can use Betway on your mobile devices, either by visiting the mobile version of the site or by downloading the app. For standard bets that are made well ahead of time, the mobile site works fine. For in-play bets, it’s good to use the app, which is a more condensed version of the sportsbook, and therefore requires less data and load time.

The mobile version of Betway scores a 54, which is in the average range for sportsbooks, but certainly not great. That speed can sometimes prevent you from getting timely bets processed quickly enough. It’s not a particular fault of Betway, just an issue with the nature of the industry.

Deposit Methods

Users are permitted to deposit funds to their account using any of the following methods:

  • eCheck
  • Citadel Direct
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • ecoPayz
  • EntroPay Card
  • I-Debit
  • InstaDebit
  • Paysafe Card

In addition to these deposit methods, Canadians are also allowed to withdraw money from their Betway account, and have it directly deposited into their bank account. For better or worse, direct deposit is unavailable for depositing funds onto the site.

Loyalty and Existing Client Promotions

Betway offers a number of promotional bets to existing users. They also have a free bets club, which is an opt-in promotion that gives you some extra money to play with. As you might expect, there are some restrictions to prevent you from just getting $10 every week. That would be pretty sweet, but would also be a big loss to Betway.

Instead, you are given a free bet on a particular bet, with particular conditions. These vary, so if you end up as part of the club, just make sure to read the disclaimers applied to each one.

Customer Service

The Betway customer service team is pretty much industry standard. Canadian’s can call them, email them or chat live, which is usually the most efficient way to go. Basically, they do a fine job meeting expectations.

Canadian Sports Coverage

Betway is U.K. centric. They feature football and cricket, their ads are decidedly British and they sponsor a Premier League team (West Ham). For the most part, it doesn’t really matter where a sportsbook is based or which geographical areas they focus on. They might gear their promotional efforts a bit, but British sportsbooks still have North American lines and vice versa.

So while Canadian content is obviously not a priority to Betway, there are some lines specific to Canada that appear on the site. WHL and OHL lines, for example, are available to play on Betway. There isn’t much else, but any major sports league is available, regardless of its country of operation.