Intertops Review


Deposit Bonus

50, 100, or 200 percent, up to $200

Betting Line Selection

Strong; mostly everything you’re looking for



In-Play Betting


Non-Sports Options

Casino, Poker


Offers new and classic; both easy to use

Mobile Quality

Offers app and mobile site; mediocre

Deposit Methods

Credit, debit, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, Sofort, Money Global, Paysafe card, wire transfer, EU Standard transfer, ecoPayz

Membership Perks

Points system; free bets; friend referral

Customer Service

Email, phone, live chat, Skype

Canadian Content


Intertops Deposit Bonus

Intertops offers new players an option of three different sign up bonuses. These include the ROOKIE200, the ROOKIER100 and the ROOKIE50. Here’s the breakdown:

Bonus Name

Bonus Amount

Maximum Bonus

Play Requirement


50 percent


400 percent


100 percent


600 percent


200 percent


800 percent

For the ROOKIE50 bonus you receive a 50 percent bonus of up to $200. So if you put in $200, your bonus is $100. If you put in $400, your bonus is $200.

For ROOKIE100, the bonus is 100 percent. If you deposit $100, your bonus is $100. If you deposit $50, your bonus is $50.

For ROOKIE200, the bonus is 200 percent. If you deposit $50, you get an additional $50. If you deposit $25, you still get a $50 bonus.

Notice the maximums. No matter how big your deposit, the ROOKIE200 code will only ever net you $50. So, strategically, it works like this:


Your deposit is

ROOKIE200 when...

$49 or less.

By depositing $25, you end up with $75

By depositing $49, you end up with $99

ROOKIE100 when...

Between $50 and $200

By depositing 50$, you end up with $100

By depositing $200, you end up with $300

ROOKIE50 when...

$200 and above.

By depositing $200, you end up with $300

By depositing $400 or above, you end up with $600

To claim your bonus, click the banner below:



The only drawback of starting small is that the bonus offer expires and you miss out on doubling up a larger sum. The bonus offer is a one-time deal, available only on your first deposit. If you put in $25, then make a second deposit of $200, your bonus will still only be $50, assuming you use the ROOKIE200 option.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit you can make on Intertops is $25. The bonus is available for all first-time deposits of that sum or greater.

Play-through Clause

If you’re looking to be strategic about maximizing your bonus by depositing $200, grabbing the cash, then withdrawing the profit, you’ll be disappointed. As with all sportsbook bonuses, there is a minimum play-through required before the bonus funds can be withdrawn from the account.

Intertops’ play-through clause is two tiered, and depends on the bonus type you choose. The first tier involves activating the bonus to get the money into your account. The second tier is being able to cash out the bonus money.

In order to meet tier 1 criteria, you must play-through the sum of your deposit. If, for example, your deposit is $50, you need to wager $50 before you are given access to your bonus money. It doesn’t matter whether your wagers are successful or not, only that you wager $50.

Tier 2 depends upon the bonus type you select. The play-through requirements for each bonus are as follows:

  • ROOKIE50 – 400 percent
  • ROOKIE100 – 600 percent
  • ROOKIE200 – 800 percent

So let’s say, for simplicity’s sake, that your bonus is $20 using all three bonuses. Before you can cash out the ROOKIE50 bonus, you’d have to wager a total of $100 (400 percent of $25). At the ROOKIE100 level, you’d need to bet $150 (600 percent of $25), while at the ROOKIE200 level, you would need to wager $200 (800 percent of $25).

Betting Lines and Odds

Intertops offers every betting line the majority of Canadians will care about. They cover all major North American sports comprehensively, and do a thorough job with all popular individual sports.

Their coverage of lesser known leagues is adequate, but not the best. Most users won’t care much if their limited in choosing between Swiss hockey leagues rather than some Czech ones, but if you’re an exception, Intertops might not be the best option for you.

Intertops is strong when it comes to less popular (in Canada) sports, which supplement the classic NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA lines. If you want to bet on European soccer leagues, cricket matches or darts, they’ve got you covered.

On the whole, Intertops has a solid collection of lines. Most North Americans could use the sportsbook their entire life without wanting to make a sports bet that Intertops didn’t offer.


Intertops is pretty good with its odds. They are generally competitive, and favour heavy bettors by making their standard even line 1.91, as opposed to the more common 1.90. That means for bets considered to feature equally likely outcomes (most often seen in spread bets or over-unders), you make an extra cent on the dollar. Sometimes this difference is negligible, but if you lay down a few hundred bucks per week, the extra penny (remember those) translates into a few extra bucks.

For the most serious gamblers, especially those that prefer playing the spread or over-under bets, the 1.91 lines offered by Intertops are a goldmine. For more casual players, Intertops is average when it comes to odds.

In-Play Betting

Intertops offers in-play betting. This allows you to bet on events currently in progress, with fluctuating odds that respond to the flow of the game.

As with their general betting selections, the options offered by Intertops are quite good. The sportsbook covers all major events, as well as plenty of more obscure ones. Intertops isn’t the speediest site, though, and that negatively impacts the in-play betting experience.

When you’re reacting to the latest possession change or missed free throw, it can be difficult to get your bet accepted in time. With sites that suffer from slow load times, this becomes even more challenging.

On the whole, Intertops’ in-play betting is ok. The options are there, and while the speed isn’t lethargic, it also isn’t wonderful.

Non-Sports Betting Options

Beyond its sportsbook, Intertops offers the following betting options:

  • Poker
  • Casino
  • Slots

That’s all the classic complements to a sportsbook. Some other sportsbooks have options that Intertops doesn’t offer, though. Bingo and Keno, for example.

The most notable omission is a live casino. Essentially the same as a traditional online casino in terms of game options, live casinos provide video feeds to human dealers and real tables, which lends a sense of authenticity to the experience. If you're into live casinos, Intertops might not be what you're looking for. 

Aesthetics and Functionality

A unique feature of Intertops is that they offer two views of their sportsbook. The options are “Sportsbook” and “Sportsbook Classic.”

The new version includes more moving parts, such as an expanding and contracting sidebar. It’s the kind of model that works well for people who know where they are going and know how to get there. The openness comes at the cost of seamlessly reversing your direction, however, so it’s less enjoyable to scan multiple sports in an instant.

The classic version is more open. It utilizes a standard sidebar for navigation, presenting your selected lines without closing off any options. If you are newer to the site and just want to look around a bit, this version is the better option.

Both versions are adequate for navigation. Aesthetically, the newer incarnation is a bit sleeker and visibly pleasing. However, Live Bets gives a slight edge to the classic in terms of actually getting around. Ultimately, you can try out both versions to determine your personal preference. The very fact that Intertops provides multiple options is good sign that they value user experience.

The site speed for Intertops is altogether underwhelming. The domain scores a 58 when subjected to a Google test. While the complex nature of how sportsbooks are presented make optimal scores nearly unobtainable, a sub-60 mark is a definite weakness.

Mobile Quality

Slow load times are mildly annoying on desktop, but they can be debilitating on mobile devices. With spotty connectivity and limited data to work with, Intertops mobile speed metrics are concerning, especially if you intend to use your smartphone to make in-play wagers.

The sportsbook mitigates this issue by offering a downloadable Android app that can be found on the mobile version of the website. Going this route minimizes speed issues, allowing for a better mobile user experience.

Deposit Methods

Like most sportsbooks, Intertops offers visitors numerous ways to pay into an account. The available methods include:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • Sofort
  • Money Global
  • Paysafe card
  • Bank wire transfer
  • EU Standard transfer
  • ecoPayz

With that list of options, you’ll probably be able to figure out a way to get money into your account.

For the most part, the same options used to deposit money can be used to make withdrawals. The exceptions are credit and debit cards. In lieu, Intertops offers a standard cheque alternative, with a minimum withdrawal of $50.

Loyalty Benefits and Existing Client Promotions

Intertops has one of the best loyalty programs out there. Many sportsbooks will offer you a bonus, or gift you a small deposit if you’ve been absent for awhile, but Intertops actively rewards you for betting more.

Every dollar you wager earns you points. Points turn back into money. The more you wager (win or lose), the more points you get, the more money you receive as a reward. The concept isn’t entirely unique, but it’s rare among sportsbooks. It’s more of a poker room thing.

Intertops also offers regular specialty bets and bonuses. These are typically uperior to what their competitors offer, though there are some other sportsbooks that are comparable. The real value from Intertops’ programs is the points system. If you bet regularly, this can really be a boon to your bankroll.

Customer Service

Intertops customer service is on par with industry expectations. They offer help via:

  • email
  • phone
  • live chat
  • Skype

Beyond providing users with an assortment of communication methods, Intertops is typically good with its policies and transparency. There are few complaints about misrepresentation or perfidy.

Canadian Sports Coverage

You’ll get CFL lines, but there isn’t anything else inherently Canadian in the lines Intertops offers. That’s usually not much of a drawback, unless you’re interested in betting on hockey leagues like the OHL, QMHL or the WHL.