MyBookie Review


Deposit Bonus

Up to 50%; up to $3000 – required rollover between 5 – 15%

Betting Line Selection

Adequate; all major sports leagues covered



In-Play Betting

Average; decent selections and odds

Non-Sports Options

Casino, Live Casino, Off-Track Betting


Flashy homepage, standard navigation, simple setup

Mobile Quality

Below average; acceptable interface, but no mobile app

Deposit Methods

Visa, Mastercard, Automated Clearing House, Bank wires, Person-to-person, Bitcoin, Phone transfer

Membership Perks

Excellent; VIP service, points rewards, promotional bets and bonuses

Customer Service

Email, Phone, Live Chat

Canadian Content

Passable, but not a focus

MyBookie Deposit Bonus

MyBookie offers users a choice between two one-time deposit bonuses when they sign on with the betting service: a 50% bonus and a 20% bonus.

Bonus Name

Bonus Amount

Maximum Bonus

Sign-Up Bonus



Cash Sign-Up



As you can see, the 50% Sign-Up Bonus will offer returns up to a maximum of $3,000. The 20% Cash Sign-Up has just a $500 maximum deposit.

Now, if you're wondering why there's such a large disparity between the 50% and 20% bonuses—and their maximum bonus returns—read on to “Conditions” where it will be explained in the Restrictions subsection.

With MyBookie, new users also get to take advantage of a perk called the $20 Risk-Free Bet. It's essentially a guarantee that you will at least get some kind of return on your first bet, as MyBookie gives users a free $20 bet if they lose that initial wager. You can sign up for the MyBookie bonus right here:



Both the 50% and 20% bonuses are restricted to new users only, meaning that they only apply when a user makes his or her first deposit. Same for the Risk-Free Bet deal; it is a one-time offer meant for that first bet only.

To actually claim either bonus, users must enter a promo code while making their initial deposit. The code for the 50% bonus is MYB50, and MYB123 for the 20% offer. To benefit from the Risk-Free Bet, users need to email MyBookie at or call the customer service department to state their intentions.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit for both the 50% and 20% bonuses is $50. Any amounts under that will not qualify new users for either of the promotions.

Play-Through Clause

A play-through clause, which is also known as a rollover requirement, is necessary for users to comply with the rules of both bonuses. This type of a clause means that users must bet a certain amount of money, relative to what their deposit was, before their bonus can be claimed. For example, a bonus with a 5x play-through will require the bettor to actually wager five times the value of the deposit amount they put in.

The following information shows the relationship for both bonuses between different deposit amounts and their corresponding rollover requirements:

  • $50-$300: 5x
  • $301-$500: 7x
  • $501-1,000: 10x
  • $1,001-$2,000: 15x

To illustrate how this would work, let's say you made a deposit of $600 for the 50% bonus promotion. Before you could claim the $300 bonus, you would have to place $4,200 in bets, as that is seven times the value of the $600 deposit.


Based on everything that has been discussed thus far, it would appear that the 50% bonus is the superior option between the two. It has a greater return rate and is subject to the same play-through clause and minimum bet. However, there are also more restrictions that apply to it.

Unlike with the 20% bonus, you can only use the bonus you receive from the 50% deal in the sportsbook portion of MyBookie. This excludes the casino and horse racing options. With the 50% bonus, you are also unable to make withdrawals within 30 days of claiming the promotion. 

Betting Line Selection

For bettors interested in major North American sports, MyBookie will certainly be able to deliver. In addition to the 'Big 4' professional leagues, the service offers bets for college basketball and football, boxing and MMA, golf, tennis, and soccer.  

Beyond that, MyBookie isn't super comprehensive from a sports standpoint. It does have listings for Euroleague basketball, Mexican baseball, and a number of European soccer leagues, but compared to other North American sportsbook services, it only really scratches the surfaces of what's out there.

Where it has a bit of an edge on some of those competitors is in the area of non-sports or untraditional sports options. At MyBookie you can place wagers on matters pertaining to religion, business, politics, entertainment, wrestling, and e-sports. So if you've got an inkling as to who Miss Universe 2017 will be, or what name the next Pope will adopt, this could be the place for you.

Betting Odds

Odds for MyBookie are fairly average and close to what a typical betting service will offer. Almost all of its spread lines are pegged with 1.91 odds, which is equivalent to -110 or 10/11. When there's a departure from that, it's usually to bump up one team to 1.95 and the other down to 1.87.  

In-Play Betting

Like many of the prominent Internet betting services out there, MyBookie offers in-play betting. This allows users to bet in real-time, as a game is unfolding.

Under MyBookie's format, betting lines appear on-screen during games. This gives bettors a limited amount of time to place their bets, with its termination indicated by a 'locked' status.

Taking part in in-play betting requires no extra downloads or fees on MyBookie. As with other bets, one need only have a positive balance in his or her account.

Non-Sports Options

As mentioned earlier in Betting Line Selection, MyBookie has a number of betting categories within its sportsbook umbrella that would be considered "non-sports options."

In addition, MyBookie runs a computer-controlled casino, a live casino, and a horse racing wagering service. With the first option, users get the opportunity to partake in traditional casino games (craps, roulette, slots) and more unique ones (Fruit Loot, Hollywood Reel, True Illusions). Almost all of the games can be played for fun, on top of—of course—being played for money.

The live casino is where, instead of having their playing experience be fully facilitated by the computer, users get to see the human dealer who is running it through a live streaming video link. MyBookie has five different live casino game options (blackjack, American roulette, European roulette, baccarat, and Super 6) with multiple tables for some games.

MyBookie's racebook features quite a bit of off-track betting. It has betting possibilities from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.

Aesthetics and Functionality

As far as homepages go, MyBookie has a pretty great one. Visitors to the site are greeted by a full-browser window video feed of triumphant sports moments (Gronk football spikes, thunderous LeBron dunks, etc.). The rest of the homepage isn't quite as adrenaline-inducing, but it contains snippets of the rest of the website features (promotion and game listings, betting guides and sports analysis, an "About" blurb, endorsements, etc.) and a handy site directory.

The primary form of navigation through the site, however, is a horizontal bar of options at the top of the browser window. There are no drop-down subcategories, which requires users to actually click on the main category page (Sports, Refer, Bonuses, etc.) to see all of its various options.

Design-wise, MyBookie keeps things pretty straightforward for users. It keeps featured events and important information front and centre, with everything else just a short scroll down. A design stickler could perhaps make a stink about the fact that the main site theme is black and the Sports/Racing pages are primarily blue, but it doesn't hurt the overall strong look very much.

One legitimate qualm users could have with the website is that it has no streaming options. This is something that tends to be quite common with other betting services nowadays, so it puts MyBookies at a bit of a disadvantage there.

On a more positive note, MyBookie scores an 63 when it is put through a Google Speed Test for desktop, a respectable score. Something sub-60 is considered concerning, a threshold that MyBookie is above.

Mobile Quality

MyBookie's score for the Google Speed Test mentioned above drops significantly (to a 55) when it is applied to the mobile version of the site. As more and more people search primarily with a mobile device, optimizing load time and user experience on that platform becomes critical.

What makes its poor score especially concerning is that it has no mobile app to accompany its website. The mobile platform is currently its only means of betting from a phone.

MyBookie is okay from a mobile interface standpoint, but the load time and other technical issues are holding it back from being strong overall, especially for in-play betting.

Deposit Methods

The following methods are accepted for deposits on MyBookie:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Automated Clearing House
  • Bank wires
  • Person-to-person
  • Bitcoin
  • Phone transfer

Compared to other betting services, the deposit methods available on MyBookie are decent, though not quite exceptional in terms of choice. But with prominent credit options, cash, and even an alternative currency form like Bitcoin available, most people should be able to find something that works for them.

Loyalty Benefits and Existing Client Promotions

On MyBookie, there are a robust amount of loyalty benefits and existing client promotions available. Firstly, there is a loyalty program in which members are able to move through three tiers: MVP, VIP, and Platinum. Everyone is assigned to the MVP tier when they sign up, which gives them a free withdrawal every four months, a special birthday gift, and access to other nice member perks. One of those is the ability to earn Bookie Points, a type of loyalty currency that can translate into free bets, cash back, and access to all kinds of cool merchandise like watches and tech devices.

In addition to the loyalty program, existing clients at MyBookie can take advantage of several bonuses. The main ones are a 25% Reload bonus (rollover requirements necessary), a 7% rebate for horse racing, and a referral bonus that can net you up to $100 for bringing in a friend to MyBookie.

From there you can choose from among 15 other more niche bonuses and considerate perks that apply to certain situations. The No Fun Refund, for example, is one that cuts users a break when an NFL team scores a touchdown in the last five minutes of the game, gets flagged for excessive celebration, is given a penalty that gets assessed on the kickoff, and then loses on a game-winning score off of a short field. This type of a situation is a gambler's worst nightmare, so it's a nice gesture on MyBookie's part to offer this refund and other bonuses like it.

Customer Service

During normal business hours, getting in touch with a MyBookie representative is quite simple and straightforward. Clients have the option of getting in touch by email, phone, or a live messenger chat that is always stationed at lower left-hand side of the page.

Considering that MyBookie only came into existence in 2014, it's built up a nice reputation for itself as a betting service that can meet the needs of customers and avoid shady practices.

Canadian Content

Providing Canadian Content is not MyBookie's forte. Aside from teams and individuals that compete in mainstream leagues (NHL clubs, Toronto Raptors/Blue Jays, Milos Raonic, etc.), there is nothing particularly Canadian to bet on. You won't find anything like OHL, or slightly more obscure sports like curling or skiing.