NetBet Review


Deposit Bonus

50% up to $50; 7x play-through requirement

Betting Line Selection

Standard; all major events


Slightly below average

In-Play Betting

Numerous lines; decent gametracker

Non-Sports Options

Casino, Live Casino, Slots, Poker, Lotto


Easy to navigate; slightly overwhelming appearance

Mobile Quality

Mobile version and app

Deposit Methods

Credit, Bank transfer, several eWallets

Membership Perks

Mediocre; VIP service; additional weekly deals

Customer Service

Adequate; Live chat, email, phone, fax, FAQs

Canadian Content

Average; CFL, AHL, OHL

NetBet Deposit Bonus

NetBet offers first-time users a deposit bonus of up to $50. The name of this bonus is the WELCOME50 bonus.

The precise value of the bonus depends on the sum of your first deposit. The bonus users receive is 50% of their initial deposit. In order to receive $50, you must therefore deposit $100 or more. If you deposit just $50, your bonus will be $25.

This bonus is not as generous as some competitors, but it does find a nice balance of reward and play-through requirements (explained below). This makes it a sweet spot for mid-level players – those who aren’t high-rollers, but who are comfortable putting $100+ into a new account.

Click below to get started with the bonus:



There are some restrictions involving the type of bets you have to make before obtaining your bonus, but these restrictions only apply to certain countries. Canadians don’t have to worry about the majority of these. The only thing relevant to Canadians is that the bonus is only applicable to your first deposit.

Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum requirement to obtain the WELCOME50 bonus. NetBet does have a minimum for all deposits, though, which is $10.

Play-Through Clause

Sportsbooks include this clause whenever they offer a bonus to prevent users from depositing, claiming their bonus, then withdrawing everything before actually placing a bet. The play-through clause defines the minimum wagering total that is required before the bonus is either accessible or eligible for withdrawal.

The play-through clause of NetBet’s WELCOME50 bonus is two-tiered. You must first fulfill a requirement before the bonus is deposited into your account, then a second requirement before you are permitted to withdraw it.

Tier 1: Before the bonus is placed in your account you must rollover your deposit 1x. If, for example, you deposit $100, you will have to place a total of $100 in wagers before the $50 bonus is obtained. If your deposit is $50, you will have to be $50 before receiving your $25 bonus.

Tier 2: Once the bonus is in your account, you must bet a total of 6x your initial deposit. If you deposited $100, then obtained your bonus by wagering $100, you must wager an additional $600 before you can withdraw your bonus funds.

In total, the play-through requirement is 7x.


The only restriction worth mentioning has to do with the play-through clause. Only bets with odds of 1.6 or greater count toward the play-through requirement. This regulation is in place to prevent users from meeting the requirements by placing wagers with nearly assured outcomes.

Betting Line Selection

NetBet is a European sportsbook, and naturally focuses on football (or soccer to fellow North Americans). Its betting lines for the various European soccer leagues, such as the Champions League, Europa League and Premier League, are extensive.

What’s a little less expected is how thorough NetBet is with other sports. You’ll find major North American sports prominently featured, as well as a handful of less mainstream competitions from around the world. It’s true that most major sportsbooks will have betting lines from all over the globe, but not all will make them as accessible as their focal point (in this point soccer) as does NetBet.

Because there is general parity across the major sportsbooks, the relative difference between strong and weak betting line selections is less expansive than you might guess. But betting options represent a strength for NetBet.


As with betting lines, the discrepancy between the odds offered by the major sportsbooks is relatively narrow. The payouts offered by NetBet, however, are not a strength in this category.

Most of the time, NetBet offers comparable odds, but their standard spread odds are underwhelming. The classic test to determine this is to see the return on opposing wagers determined to be of equal likelihood. This scenario is achieved by handicapping an outcome with a spread. Most often the return, when equal on both sides, will be 1.90, 1.91 or 1.92, for both sides.

NetBet is a little unusual in that is doesn’t have a definitive standard. Sometimes it’ll be 1.90 vs. 1.91, other times 1.90 vs. 1.90. Their usually somewhere below average, but not at the bottom of the spectrum. Other times there is no other way to classify the odds than as unimpressive. For example, some MMA options return 1.86 vs. 1.80 lines.

If you like the other aspects of NetBet, don’t be too turned off by this flaw. The difference between great odds and poor odds is usually only a few cents on the dollar. For the majority of bettors, this is almost negligible. If you bet large sums on a regular basis, however, it might be worth seeking another option.

In-Play Betting

NetBet offers in-play betting. The option is identified by a few variations on NetBet, such as “live betting,” “live bets search” or “in-play betting.” It’s all the same though, just different terms pointing users toward betting lines for games that have already begun.

The feature is commonplace among major sportsbooks, but the experience varies from place to place. Some sportsbooks offer a live stream so users can watch the game they are betting on. Others use some type of tracker that helps users to more thoroughly understand the context of the game they are considering a wager for. NetBet offers the latter; a game-tracker that details how the game is unfolding.

It’s an ok option, overall. Some competitors get a little more in-depth, but NetBet provides the basic information you need to place a bet.

In terms of betting lines, NetBet is pretty good. It offers in-play lines for all major events, as well as most obscure ones. All in all, the live betting experience offered by NetBet is adequate without being spectacular.

Non-Sports Betting

NetBet offers bettors a handful of options beyond sports-betting. These non-sports options include:

  • Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Lotto
  • Vegas (slots)
  • Poker

Most sportsbooks offer casino and poker. Live casinos, in which you are connected to real tables and dealers via video, have also become increasingly common. NetBet's lotto offers something unique. though. There aren't many comparables among the majority of competitors out there.

Aesthetics and Functionality

The aesthetics of the NetBet sports page are simple and somewhat messy at the same time. It all unfolds overtop an intentionally grainy black background, but the website eschews its red masthead colour in favour of detailing the rest of the page with a lime green theme that should please Christmas enthusiasts, but not too many others.

As for the actual content of the page, there's a lot going on. The main attention grabber that sits front and centre is a rotating set of images that tease upcoming matches with in-game photos of the athletes that will be competing. It's a neat little feature, but it ends up being fairly small and less impactful because so much other stuff has been thrown onto the page. Users end up seeing multiple tables listing highlight matches, live betting opportunities, schedules, NetBet winners, upcoming bets, etc. Plus there's in-house ads around as well to add to the sensory overload. 

In spite of all that, finding what you want is pretty straightforward. Like many other sites, this one has a vertical sidebar with all the offerings by sport, and in this case featuring a selection of the most popular ones up top. On the other side of the page there is a betting slip that helps you keep track of the bets you've made.

NetBet doesn't have streaming services available but it does make up for it in other ways. Its Livescore section updates as things occur and complements the live betting option nicely. The site also has an extensive stats section that would be incredibly useful to bettors looking for background information.

Finally, NetBet's score for a desktop Google Speed Test is 57/100. This isn't awful, but it's also not great.

Mobile Quality

NetBet offers two options for mobile use. The first is a mobile version of the website. This is basically a streamlined version of the regular site. You are greeted with the most popular lines and are given easy access to other betting options.

The second option is an Android app. Many sportsbooks offer mobile apps to further streamline the experience. These apps focus on making it as easy as possible for you to sign in, find the line you want and place a bet.

Now, full disclosure, we were not able to run the Google speed test for the mobile version of NetBet. This test determines the load times of the site on mobile devices, which is especially important for in-play betting. When your capacity to wager, and wager intelligently, depends on the instantaneous delivery and processing of information, mobile speed can make live betting easy, or render it nearly impossible.

Because the test returned an error we cannot comment on the mobile speed directly. However, the desktop speed scored a 57, which is slightly below average for sportsbooks, and it’s reasonable to assume the mobile site will be comparable. However, most of the issues caused by the potentially slow mobile speed are likely mitigated by the app.

Deposit Methods

The deposit options for NetBet are more or less the industry standard. There is some slight variation among sportsbooks, but most accept the majority of trusted intermediaries. NetBet allows:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Entropay
  • Paysafe Card
  • Skrill
  • Sofort
  • WebMoney
  • QIWI
  • Moneta Ru
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

Suffice it to say, if you want to make a deposit on NetBet, you will probably manage. If you are not able to accommodate any of the options from this list, get in touch with the NetBet customer service team to discuss a solution.

Loyalty Benefits and Existing Client Promotions

NetBet offers a VIP service for high-rollers, granting access to special promotions and an account manager. For the majority of bettors, this is not the most relevant service.

All users, whether very important or not, are eligible to receive a few benefits each week. This typically involves placing bets on specific games or leagues to receive a higher payout, or for the chance to recuperate a percentage of losses. Users can also partake in the Top Winners competition, which is a ladder system that resets each week.

There isn’t anything major to this element of the site. Just a couple marginal loyalty perks that don't deliver anything that really stands out.

Customer Service

Contact between users and the NetBet customer service team can go through any of the following mediums:

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Fax

There are also a series of FAQs published on the site for commonly asked questions. Each section of the site – sports, casino, poker, etc. – has its own FAQ.

Canadian Content

There’s nothing particularly geared toward Canada on NetBet. They do allow users to bet on local hockey leagues, like the AHL and OHL, and the CFL has some lines in the summer. That’s the major stuff most Canadians will look for, but it doesn’t get too granular in the Great White North.