Sports Interaction Review


Deposit Bonus

10% up to $100 or 100% up to $125; $20 minimum deposit; 3x-10x play-through requirement

Betting Line Selection

Extensive North American leagues; solid overall



In-Play Betting

Numerous lines; solid experience

Non-Sports Options

Racebook, Casino, Live Casino, Poker


Easy to navigate; aesthetically pleasing

Mobile Quality

Mediocre; limited mobile version, no app

Deposit Methods

Credit, Debit, Bank transfer, Prepaid Vanilla Mastercard, Various E-Wallets (like PayPal)

Membership Perks

Lucrative refer a friend bonus; others for poker and casino

Customer Service

Adequate; Live chat, email, phone

Canadian Content

Average; CFL, AHL; Junior Hockey

Sports Interaction Deposit Bonus

Sports Interaction offers users two options for an initial deposit bonus. The amount of this bonus is contingent upon how much is deposited.

Bonus Name

Bonus Amount

Maximum Bonus

Welcome Bonus 1



Welcome Bonus 2

100% $125

As you can see, the return on the Welcome Bonus 1 will amount to 10% of what is put forth in the deposit. To receive the maximum bonus of $100, one would need to deposit $1,000.

This is not a lucrative bonus as far as industry standards are concerned. Both the percentage point and maximum bonus are not all that high, with regard to other betting services. Still, this bonus is infinitely more obtainable than some others (see Play-Through Clause below).

Alternatively, you can go for the more lucrative choice, and get the 100% bonus of up to $125. The reward is obviously higher, but the play-through requirements are greater.

You can take advantage of the offer via the banner here:



This Welcome Bonuses are, as their names apply, only meant to be eligible for new users. So it will apply the first time you make a deposit, but never again. If you make a deposit without claiming the bonus it will still disqualify you from picking up the bonus on your second deposit.

Minimum Deposit

There is a $20 minimum deposit required to receive anything for the Welcome Bonus promotions. Anything less than that will disqualify your deposit from receiving a bonus.

Play-Through Clause

Welcome Bonus 1: A play-through clause, which is also known as a rollover requirement, is something that comes into effect for this Welcome Bonus promotion. In order to withdraw bonus funds a user must bet 3x the value of the bonus. The increase of 3x the bonus amount is consistent for any bonus between $2 and $100. If you deposit $20 to get a $2 bonus, you will need to wager $6 before making a withdrawl.

Compared to other betting services, this rollover requirement is easy to meet. You will commonly see figures for rollover repetitions that are over 10x the bonus.

Welcome Bonus 2: A play-through of 10x the sum of the deposit + bonus is required before you can withdraw your bonus. If you deposit $125 and receive a bonus of $125, the total play-through requirement is 10x $250, which comes out to $2500. Now you can see why some would opt for Welcome Bonus 1.


Other than what has been discussed above, there are no restrictions on withdrawals for the Welcome Bonus promotion. It can be used for any other betting purpose on the website. Those purposes will be discussed later on in this review.

Betting Line Selection

Sports Interaction features a vast selection of betting line options. Let's start by touching on its 'Big 4' listings. As one would expect from a North American betting website, Sports Interaction covers all of the continent's biggest leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL). When a league isn't in season, the number of bets involving it go down quite a bit, but there is no shortage of betting choices for those that are active. Where Sports Interaction seems to excel the most with Big 4 leagues is its extensive availability of NHL bets. Beyond just game outcomes, you can choose from many prop or futures bets.

As far as other sports go, Sports Interaction also has a fairly robust scope. It covers a lot of the 'second tier' sports (in terms of North American popularity) such as golf, boxing and MMA, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, rugby, motor racing, snooker, etc. And in some cases it actually goes well outside the North American sports lens to include bets on sports like cricket, handball, and Aussie rules football.

Like some betting sites choose to do, the Sports Interaction sportsbook has some alternative event listings that fall outside the regular domain of sports. On this website, those include: eSports, entertainment (Grammys, Oscars, Game of Thrones, etc.), and politics. There isn't a huge amount of bets to choose from, but it's a nice complementary touch that provides a niche for large cultural speculations.


Sport's Interaction's odds don't stray too far from the industry norms. For NBA and NFL bets, you'll usually see a typical 1.91 deal available, which is equivalent to -110 or 10/11. NHL bets are also consistent with other websites, where the return on a 1.5 goal spread is generally close to 1.3 for the underdog and somewhere just over 3 for the favourite.

Bets with extremely high value on Sports Interaction are usually those involving futures or props.

In-Play Betting

On Sports Interaction, there is an extensive in-play betting—or as it is called on Sports Interaction, "Live Betting"—platform. During games, you can use it to place real-time bets, which are updated as the match goes along.

While there is no streaming option available for the vast number of games that get featured in the live bets section, users are able to keep track of what's happening with a sleek match tracker. It visualizes many of the elements that would show up in a traditional box score without actually showing them live. 

The options availble on Sports Interaction are characteristically strong for major North American sports, and solid for other options. 

Non-Sports Options

Earlier, we discussed the non-sports options Sports Interaction offers in its sportsbook. On top of those selections, the website also has a handful of separate betting alternatives. These include:

  • Racebook
  • Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Poker

With its fairly extensive racebook, you can bet on horse races in six different countries. The majority of races come from the United States.

On the casino side of things, you can choose from card games, table games, slots, progressive jackpots, branded games, video poker, games & keno, and scratch cards. For those seeking more of a realistic experience, Sports Interaction also operates a live casino that facilitates Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Hold 'Em. These games connect you to an actual person who's moderating everything.

Sports Interaction also has a poker room. In addition to cash games and sit-n-gos, the site offers various types of specialized tournaments, like knockouts, where every player has a bounty on his or her head, and players receive that bounty for knocking their competitors out, in addition to what they would normally win.

Aesthetics and Functionality

Aesthetically speaking, Sports Interaction has a fairly pleasing design. Its colour theme resembles those of the New York Islanders or Denver Broncos: bright orange alongside royal blue.

The home page doubles as the Sports page and is well-laid out. Front and centre is a welcome video featuring brand ambassador (and fittingly Canadian) Georges St-Pierre. Just underneath that is a snapshot of the day's most popular betting options. A vertical sidebar gives you easy access to the rest of the sports betting options while a horizontal bar on top provides options to reach the other areas of the site. Also useful is an odds conversion option at the very top of the home page that allows you to choose between viewing odds in either decimal, fractional, or American-style form.

They've limited the amount they can display all at once by adding in a stagnant background image of a stadium that is fully visible in large chunks on the margin of certain pages (images change on various pages). This makes for a nice visual effect, but it also causes some extra scrolling to get to everything. And on some pages, the image is just replaced by the standard blue theme, which leaves those pages with unnecessarily large margins and nothing cool to show for them.

Sports Interaction doesn't have streaming options, as many betting sites do. Users looking for an in-the-moment view of the action will have to settle for the aforementioned match trackers.  

Finally, Sports Interaction's score for a desktop Google Speed Test is 68 (out of 100). That doesn't jump off the page as being particularly strong, but all sportsbooks tend to be slow, a result of the scripts involved for displaying so many odds that change on a daily basis. Compared to competing sportsbooks, 68 is actually pretty good.

Mobile Quality

That Google Speed Test score drops to a much poorer 57 when applied to Sports Interaction's mobile speed. Despite having a 99 rating of mobile friendliness, the speed isn't quite as impressive. Still, 57 for a sportsbook isn't terrible, but it's not great. 

While the mobile speed is consistent with other sportsbooks, Sports Interaction lacks a mobile app that many others use to remedy the deficiency.

With that said, the website actually has a pretty cool and experience-focused mobile interface. It prioritizes displaying games that are currently in progress, as well as last-minute bets that can be made. This nicely fits the impulsiveness that characterizes frequent phone-checkers.

All that can really be criticized about the mobile interface is that it doesn't offer a way for users to easily access basic information about the site. To do so, a user must click on a button at the bottom that takes them to a regular version of the site, which is not mobile optimized.

Deposit Methods

This information is not readily available for someone who is not a member. If you haven't registered you won't be able to find the deposit methods on the website. But you can see the options here:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepaid Vanilla MasterCard
  • Various E-Wallets (like PayPal)

While this list isn't necessarily the most comprehensive, it should be more than adequate for the average person's depositing needs. Some sportsbooks allow a litany of obscure options, which it's hard to believe people have heard of, much less actually use. For most of us, these options are enough.

Loyalty Benefits and Existing Client Promotions

In this department, Sports Interaction is a bit sparse. There are virtually no sportsbook bonuses, only ones for the other betting options.

Poker players have the most to gain. On top of a sign-up bonus, there is a VIP rewards system in place that incentivizes sustained play. The more someone plays, the quicker they accumulate points. Those points can then be redeemed for monetary prizes.

There is also a casino sign-up bonus, but that's about it.

The one bonus that actually extends to all users is the refer-a-friend bonus. With that deal, users get 20% of their friend's initial deposit, for an amount worth up to $200. That actually makes it quite a bit more valuable than the sign up bonus you get for registering an account. 

Customer Service

For those looking to get assistance, Sports Interaction is fairly accommodating. Firstly, it has a highly responsive live chat that matches visitors with a representative to answer questions.

If, for whatever reason, someone has a more formal request or wants to attach something to their message, he or she can do so through an email inquiry system. Just beneath that is a message that reads, "Our goal is to respond to your email query within the next four hours. Please note that some account related queries may take up for 24 hours." This is very reasonable service. You can also call in toll free if you prefer to speak on the phone.

Canadian Content

Sports Interaction is actually licensed in Canada, which makes it pretty unique. This familiarity doesn't influence its offerings too strongly, though. 

Judging it as a Canadian betting site, Sports Interaction isn't the greatest in terms of the Canadian content it offers, but it could do a lot worse. With it, you get some major leagues like the CFL and AHL. You also get options for more obscure sports like professional curling and lacrosse.

However, there are no university options to be found. You also miss out on skiing, snowboarding, and some of the other winter sports that mean a lot to Canada.